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Monday, December 14th, 2009
The Current State of Theology
There are some Catholic theologians who waste their time and efforts on detailed points which are merely academic, or overly pedantic, and which are of little use to the faithful. The complaint of St. Thomas about the theologians of his day is still true today, they engage in "the multiplication of useless questions, articles, and arguments." Many of these theologians also make their theology largely inaccessible by the use of needless terminology, by inventing new terminology, and by using many terms and quotes from other languages, so that the ordinary lay reader cannot possible follow what is being said.

Then there are those Catholic authors who write on a topic without a thorough understanding of that area of theology. They inevitably undermine sound theology with foolish ideas. They present their writing in an accessible and pious manner, but without a sound theological basis. The faithful are more easily led astray by this type of error, than by overly pedantic theology.

Finally, there are those Catholic theologians who openly, or perhaps in a clever implied manner, undermine and contradict the teaching of Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium. Often they claim that their false doctrine is the teaching of the Church. Other times, they claim that the Church must change Her teaching.

There are very few theologians in the world today who write sound and insightful Roman Catholic theology, consistent with the teachings of Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium, in a manner that is accessible to the ordinary lay reader. This is the type of theology that I strive to write.

Sunday, November 29th, 2009
book on moral theology
My book on moral theology is on track to be completed by about March of 2010. Hopefully, I will be able to complete the book and have it in print and available at before the Warning (April 2nd, 2010).

The moral theology in this book is based on the three fonts (sources) of morality.
Every knowingly chosen act of human persons is either moral or immoral based on these three sources of morality:

[1] the intention, or end, or purpose, or motive, of the person
[2] the moral object, or object, or species, or nature, of the act itself
[3] the circumstances, or consequences, of the intentionally chosen act

Sources used in the book include numerous papal encyclicals -- especially Veritatis Splendor--, documents from the Second Vatican Council, documents of the CDF, as well as the writings of many different Saints, but most especially Saint Thomas Aquinas. Scripture is frequently used as a source also.

Saturday, October 24th, 2009
Permanent Signs
First at Garabandal, and later at Medjugorje, our Lady foretold that Permanent Signs will be placed by God at those two locations.

In my eschatology, the date for this event is May 13th, 2010. On that day, very many persons all over the world (but not everyone) will be healed of every kind of illness and injury. On that day, very many persons will convert to believe in God, and very many persons will convert to believe in the Catholic Faith. On that day, Permanent Signs will be placed at numerous sites of apparitions of the Virgin Mary throughout the world. Anyone who is present at a location of a Permanent Sign, at the time that the Sign miraculously appears, will almost certainly be healed(unless the person remains unrepentant from serious sin).

Pope Benedict will be at Fatima on May 13th, 2010, and there will be a Permanent Miraculous Sign placed there, on that day, (as also at many places in the world) while the Pope watches.

I'm going to attempt to make a list of probable sites of Permanent Signs, which can be found here:

Saturday, September 26th, 2009
Pope Benedict XVI and the Miracle
At Garabandal, and also at Medjugorje, the Virgin Mary revealed that a Permanent Miraculous Sign will be placed at each of those location. In my eschatology, I have concluded that Permanent Signs will be placed at numerous sites of true private revelation around the world, and that this event will occur on May 13th, 2010.

Recently, the office of the President of Portugal announced that Pope Benedict XVI will be at Fatima, on May 13th of 2010, to preside at the shrine's annual May 13th ceremonies.

The visionaries of Garabandal have said, many years ago, that the Pope would see the Miracle wherever he was. And now it is clear why he will see it. He will be at Fatima on the date when the Permanent Signs are placed at various sites of true apparitions of the Virgin Mary, and a Permanent Sign will be placed at Fatima, as the Pope himself watches.

Conchita wrote the following about the great Miracle:
“it will be visible to all those who are in the village and surrounding mountains…the sick who are present will be cured and the incredulous will believe. It will be the greatest miracle that Jesus will have performed for the world. There won’t be the slightest doubt that it comes from God and that it is for the good of mankind.”

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
and the bees made honey in the lion's head
{14:6} Then the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon Samson, and he tore apart the lion, like a young goat being torn into pieces, having nothing at all in his hand. And he was not willing to reveal this to his father and mother.
{14:7} And he went down and spoke to the woman who had pleased his eyes.
{14:8} And after some days, returning to marry her, he turned aside so that he might see the carcass of the lion. And behold, there was a swarm of bees in the mouth of the lion, with a honeycomb.

The figure of bees making honey in the mouth of a dead lion has a number of meanings. Before Israel took possession of the holy land, powerful and sinful peoples lived in the same land. Israel defeated them, even though they were much more numerous and more powerful than the Israelites. In defeating the Philistines, Israel was like Samson killing the lion. Then the Israelites were built up over many generations in the holy land, doing much good, living according to the commandments, and worshiping God in truth. So they became like bees making sweet honey in a land that was once like the mouth of a lion to them.

Similarly, the great Catholic monarch, like Samson, will defeat the Arab/Muslim extremists, who will be as powerful as a lion. He will tear them to pieces, by the power of the Spirit of God, despite being greatly outnumbered. Then he will take possession of their wicked kingdom, and he and his subjects will make it into a kingdom pleasing before God and man, like bees making honey in the mouth of a lion.

(excerpt from The First Part of the Tribulation)

Monday, September 7th, 2009
new books
The eighth edition of my book, The Bible and the Future of the World, is now available at If you have the seventh edition, you don't need this new edition. The main changes are as follows:
  • Date of the Warning and Consolation changed from 2009 to 2010.
  • Date of the small war among the Arab/Muslim nations changed from 2009 to 2010 (after the Warning and Miracle).
  • Clarification that the Angelic Shepherd will be elected during the early part (probably 2029) of the Great Ecumenical Council (which is held from mid 2028 to late 2032).

    I'm revising the estimated date of publication for my next book, which is a comprehensive presentation of Catholic ethical principles, to January, 2010. This will give me time to expand the contents of the book more than I had anticipated.

  • Friday, August 21st, 2009
    Olive Dawson
    A woman from Dublin, Ireland, named Olive Dawson, whose maiden name is Olive Smyth, is promoting a set of claimed private revelations supposedly given by an angel to her brother David Smyth. Olive and the other persons who promote this devotion do not permit David to be involved in the devotion. This is probably because everyone would realize that the claimed private revelation is false if they could interact with David.

    Olive's brother David claims to receive the messages from an angel who he called R2, after the character R2-D2 in Star Wars. This fact is kept from the adherents to this devotion, as promoted by Olive Dawson. David himself is not particularly holy, not prayerful, does not like to attend Mass, and is very attached to this angel. My own opinion is that this angel is a fallen angel who is using David Smyth to do harm to the Church.

    Olive's claim to have survived without any food or drink, other than the Eucharist, since September 1999 is unsubstantiated. Those persons who promote this claim tend to phrase this with equivocation. They say that she has the gift not to need food or drink, but they do not plainly state that she has not taken any food or drink since 1999.

    Recently, Olive has also begun to claim to receive messages.

    See my article about Olive Dawson, her brother David Smyth, and their claimed private revelation.

    Thursday, August 20th, 2009
    Mary: perfect finite Mediatrix
    Mary assists Christ in His work of Mediation; she is not a mediator, but the Mediatrix. The feminine form of the word indicates that, like Eve, she was created to be a helper to Christ, the new Adam. So a mediatrix is not a mediator who happens to be female. The role of the Mediatrix is inherently feminine, not coincidentally feminine. Mary immerses herself completely in Christ's role of Mediation. She has no role of mediation of her own, none at all.

    Christ is able to be our Mediator because He is God and man. Christ is infinite because He is God. Mary is able to assist Christ as Mediatrix because she is the sinless perfect Mother of God. Christ is the infinite Mediator. But Mary is the finite Mediatrix.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary is entirely without any sin, any tendency toward sin, and any fault or failing at all. She has no sin and no imperfection. She is the perfect creation of God. The human nature of Mary is finite and perfect.

    The same is true of the human nature of Jesus Christ. His human nature is entirely without any sin, any tendency toward sin, and any fault or failing at all. His human nature has no sin and no imperfection. His human nature is the perfect creation of God. The human nature of Christ is finite and perfect.

    But Jesus also has a Divine Nature, which is infinite and perfect. Jesus is God, and Mary is not God. Jesus is infinite God, and Mary is finite creature.

    When Mary, sinless and perfect, kneels before her Divine Son Jesus in worship, she understands that He is God, and she is not. Mary worships Jesus, but Jesus does not worship Mary.

    The Virgin Mary is the mother of God. But since Mary is finite and God is infinite, Mary is not worthy to be the mother of God. In her perfect humility, Mary realizes that she is not worthy to be the mother of the Savior. Why is she unworthy? It is not as if she had sinned. It is not as if she had a tendency toward sin. She is unworthy because she is finite.

    Christ is the sinless, perfect, infinite Mediator. Mary is the sinless, perfect, finite Mediatrix. Christ is the one Mediator, possessing the one and only role of mediation. Mary is the one Mediatrix, having no role of mediation of her own, but immersing herself totally in Christ's one role of mediation.

    Thursday, August 13th, 2009
    SSPX: the Society of Saint Pius X
    There are two types of excommunication:

    1. automatic excommunication (latae sententiae: broad judgment)

    "incurred as soon as the offense is committed, and by reason of the offense itself without intervention of any ecclesiastical judge."

    2. juridicial excommunication (ferendae sententiae: brought judgment)

    "foreseen by the law as a penalty, but is inflicted on the culprit only by a judicial sentence"

    The SSPX Bishops and their formal adherents were excommunicated under both types. They were automatically excommunicated (latae sententiae) by reason of the sins of heresy and schism. This occurs immediately by the offense itself, and does not require any subsequent action by authority in the Church.

    Canon 1364 §1: “an apostate from the faith, a heretic, or a schismatic incurs a latae sententiae excommunication.”

    The SSPX Bishops have committed heresy and schism openly, and they continue to openly proclaim these sins, publicly stating their continued rejection (heresy) of the teachings of Vatican II, and publicly admitting that they continue to ordain priests illicitly (schism). So they remain automatically excommunicated.

    The SSPX Bishops and their formal adherents were also excommunicated ferendae sententiae by Pope John Paul II. Pope Benedict XVI lifted that juridicial excommunication, in order to mercifully open a path for them to return to the Church. But they refuse to do so, and so they remain automatically excommunicated.

    The SSPX remains an openly heretical and openly schismatic group. Whoever formally joins with them commits the same sins of heresy and schism and therefore also falls under the same latae sententiae excommunication.

    Friday, July 24th, 2009
    Wikipedia Errors on Catholicism
    I've just posted a series of articles explaining numerous serious theological errors and outright heresy in Wikipedia articles on Catholic belief. These Wikipedia articles claim to be presenting the teachings of Catholicism, but instead present serious doctrinal error.
    The conclusion is that Catholics should not trust Wikipedia on any question of doctrine having to do with faith or morals.

    Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
    Wikipedia Errors on Catholicism
    If you are Catholic, or are interesting in learning about Catholic doctrine, don't use Wikipedia. There are very many serious doctrinal errors, as well as many poorly written, highly inaccurate paragraphs, on numerous different topics. I am now working on a series of articles, which will go through particular Wikipedia articles, pointing out some of the errors. But some of these articles have so many errors, omissions, and inaccuracies, that one article does not suffice to describe each error.
    On another topic, I've updated the post below. I now hope to complete my book on ethics by September of this year.

    Sunday, May 31st, 2009
    Revised Eschatology Books
    I've completed revising my book, The Secrets of Medjugorje and Garabandal Revealed; the revised version is called the second edition. The book should be available from soon. I intend to revise my other eschatology books: The Bible and the Future of the World, and The First Part of the Tribuation. My next project in eschatology will be to finish writing The Second Part of the Tribulation, which is about the Antichrist's reign and Jesus Christ's return.
    I am also currently working on a book on Catholic ethics. This will take a couple more months to complete. I'm hoping to have it available by September, 2009.

    Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
    Updates to my predictions
    I've updated my online articles about the secrets of Medjugorje and Garabandal. In going through the articles, I found that only a few points needed to be changed, simply that the Warning is Good Friday in either 2009 or 2010, and that the conflict among the Arab/Muslim nations occurs shortly after the Warning (in 2009 or in 2010).

    I've added the following advisory:

    Please understand that my writings about the future are speculative eschatology, based on study and interpretation, not certain knowledge.

    Although I continue to have confidence that, in general, I have correctly interpreted and understood God's plan for the future, as I have said before, I am fallible. I don't expect my predictions to be 100% correct. I'm sorry that I did not always make this point clear, and I'm sorry if anyone was disturbed by an incorrect prediction. I will try to be more clear that my writings in eschatology are speculative.

    Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
    The Warning of Garabandal
    The Warning of Garabandal, which is the same as the first secret of Medjugorje, is now only a month away. The Warning occurs on April 10th, 2009, which is Good Friday. I expect that the first and second secrets of Medjugorje will both be announced on the same day, on April 7th, 2009. The first secret is the Day of Repentance (i.e.the Warning). The second secret is the Day of Consolation, when God consoles all those who truely repented in response to the Warning. The second secret occurs on Easter Sunday, April 12th, 2009.

    The third secret of Medjugorje, which is the same as the Miracle of Garabandal, will occur on May 13th, 2010, on Ascension Thursday.
    The Miracle is three-fold:
    1. very many persons (but not everyone) worldwide will be miraculously healed of every kind of injury and illness.
    2. Permanent Signs will be placed at the sites of true private revelations around the world.
    3. very many unbelievers will be converted.

    Saturday, February 14th, 2009
    New Book on Eschatology
    My new book, The First Part of the Tribulation, is now in print and available through Here is a description of the book, chapter by chapter.

    My next project is a book of moral theology. I'm putting aside writing eschatology for a while, but I will eventually, sooner or later, be working on finishing The Second Part of the Tribulation (some portions of which are already written).

    Saturday, January 17th, 2009
    Canon 7 of the Code of Canon law states: "A law is established when it is promulgated."

    A law is promulgated by being made known in some way to those person who are bound by that law. This promulgation may take the form of word or deed: for example, a printed publication, a verbal announcement, or a parent slapping the hand of a young child to indicate that a particular behavior is forbidden.

    The moral law itself is promulgated by God to all created persons by the deed of God whereby He gave free will and reason to them. The moral law is written into the will and intellect of human nature (and also angelic nature) by God. For created persons have the ability to discover the truth about right and wrong by the use of free will and reason. The entire moral law is accessible to free will and reason.

    It is inherent to the moral law itself that no law has any force if it is not promulgated to those persons whom it would bind. Making a law accessible to such persons is usually sufficient for the law to be promulgated.

    Any law that claims to be effective prior to, or absent of, promulgation is in truth not morally binding to the same extent that it was not promulgated.

    The same principle applies to teachings of the Magisterium that are required beliefs. Now all the truths of Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture and the moral law are always binding on anyone and everyone as soon as they realize that the proposition is a truth of faith or morals. But no teaching of the Magisterium which is a required belief is binding on someone who both does not perceive such truths within Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture, and has not yet been informed by the Magisterium of a decision of doctrine. Until the Magisterium promulgates a decision of required belief on faith or morals, the faithful are not required to adhere to that doctrine (except as it is already apparent from Tradition, Scripture, and past teachings of the Magisterium).

    This is important because there is currently a tendency in the news media, and even among some persons in the Church, to report on, or believe in, a report about a supposed imminent approval of a teaching or ruling.

    Suppose there is a report that the Pope or an Ecumenical Council is about to issue a new law in the Church. Even if the reports about that new law are from numerous reliable sources within the Church, it is in fact not a law and without any force until it is actually promulgated. Even if numerous reliable reports state that the law has been signed by the Pope or fully approved by a Council, it has no force at all and is in fact not yet established as a law of the Church until it is promulgated.

    First, such reports may well not be true. It would be very harmful to the faithful if a false claim about a new doctrine or law began to be believed and followed by the faithful in advance of its actual promulgation by the Pope and the Bishops to the Church. Second, such reports may be partially true, but inaccurate due to some distortions or omissions. Third, no law has any force until promulgated, and no new definition of doctrine is a required belief until promulgated.

    It is very likely that, during the next Ecumenical Council, the news media and some persons in the Church will claim that the Council has approved of some new laws and some new definitions of doctrine, prior to their promulgation. These claims are likely to be either entirely false or significantly inaccurate. In any case, no doctrine or law is in force until promulgated. Prudent persons will wait for promulgation and not base their faith on rumors or news media reports. Forewarned is forearmed.

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